Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hey, if I get gravy on that little linen number, will it wash out?

Someone once told me I should go on the show "What Not to Wear", so it makes me giddy with pleasure to be talking about... wait for it... a fashion show! Ah, the sweet irony in talking high style while sporting jammies and a sweater, albeit cashmere, with a hole in the front from where the dog ate away the misfired Swiss Chalet gravy.

But this isn't just any fashion show. It's Mill's Spring '09 Fashion Show –  on this, their 90th year of existence in the land of the Junior League and the sou'wester. 

90 years. Talk about the ultimate small business success story. Can you imagine Spring Garden Road without Mills? 

The Mills show, in true, big-hearted Mickey MacDonald fashion, sounds like the perfect combination of a glamourous night out with prizes and a little heart-warming do-gooding. All proceeds from the event will be going straight to Palooka's Boxing Club. According to the PR spin from Mills, the evening is about "fashion and compassion". I've always felt sorry for my wardrobe so I say, let's go!  

The Mills show will be taking place at Palooka's which is an amazing spectacle, with or without celery stalk models walking around. A boxing nut, Mickey established Palooka’s Boxing Club to provide a positive environment where Halifax’s youth could develop "discipline, focus and self-confidence through physical activity". I sent Mickey an email to see if he could set me up with a boxing lesson, for fun (discipline, focus and self confidence) plus if you read below I could use a little face time with a punching bag from time to time.

Will I really be at the fashion show? Well, "what would I wear?" would be my first obstacle. Maybe I'll scoot down to Mills and see if they'll let me in.

Mills Spring ’09 Fashion Show will take place on Thursday, April 23 from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. at Palooka’s Boxing Club, 2110 Gottingen Street. Tickets are available exclusively at Mills for $25 per person with all proceeds supporting Palooka’s Boxing Club.