Thursday, April 9, 2009

So does that mean what I think it means... about Santa. And the tooth fairy. And God.

Easter, like most commercialized pagan holidays revolving around anticipation and inevitable disappointment, brings back so many fond memories for me. I'll never forget one very special Easter. We lived in the States, but we were visiting my grandparents in Canada. 

It was the usual Easter morning. Waking up way too early, throwing back Nanny's pilled electric blanket that smelled like Avon with undertones of Rothman's King size. I was so thankful I hadn't peed the bed and been electrocuted. That, combined with the freaky bedtime prayer ritual with the ever-so-comforting line: "If I should die before I wake." I was just grateful to have woken up at all. 

My brother and I started running around, poking under "chesterfield" cushions and along windowsills looking for hidden treats. Damn, the Canadian Easter Bunny was good! We searched and searched, and nothing. No hollow chocolate bunny. No marshmallow Peep chicks. Just a few dirty ashtrays and my grandfather's half-dead poodle, Tina snarling at us from atop the Phentex afghan. 

When my mother finally emerged into the chaos, she looked at us, and it went something like this; "Oh, you children are smart. Figure it out." I guess that sudden change in latitude for Easter weekend had really thrown her off. She had simply, forgotten. 

Wandering around Sweet Jane's yesterday brought back a flood of memories from my youth. And a few good memories as well. Gold Nugget gum in the little canvas bag. Necco wafers in the waxy paper wrapping. Strips of white paper with colourful candy buttons. 

Sweet Janes has gorgeous, ready-to-go Easter baskets filled to overflowing with selfless love, er, I mean, plush chicks, milk chocolate bunnies and comforting treats any wide-eyed kid would kill to have. Or, you can create your own basket. The staff have great suggestions and wrap things up so beautifully it looks like you've spent way more than you really did.  

In keeping with the times, you'll also find trans-fat free milk chocolate, European chocolate, yummy cupcakes, and some sassy adult candy packaging that would make the randiest bunny blush, or giggle. 
Sweet Janes has everything you'll need for a happy childhood. The only thing missing, are the ashtrays.

Just in case you ignore all the warning signs, and forget to fill someone's basket, Sweet Jane's is open Good Friday 10-6 Saturday 10 til 8 and even Easter Sunday from 10-6. Monday too!