Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bats in the Atticus

Oh dear. Day 7 of swine flu and I'm so sick of coughing, I switched from cherry cough syrup to Grape flavoured wine syrup and now I am going to bed to pull a Karen Carpenter, or was it Karen Ann Quinlan, whatever, I'll die happy because we just watched To Kill A Mockingbird – again – and I am going to bed, I think I already said that, where I will pretend I am Scout sitting on Atticus's lap.

Why not pretend there are no big, nasty, big-box stores, and shop at some amazing galleries, markets, and small independent boutiques this Christmas. Victoria Bell will be custom-stamping Suetables silver baubles tomorrow at FID, from 3 until 5 (reeks of cocktail hour) and Studio 21 has some great artwork and never mind, it'll all be even better in the morning. Don't you just love Christmas syrup.

Oh, Atticus, say, "you're licked before you begin" again.