Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dictators for prostate cancer.

Taking one for the team, seems to be Danny Graham's modus operandi, but seriously, I could 'Grow a Mo' faster than this poor, cherubic bastard.

Movember is all about Changing the Face of Men's Health and who better to step up for assholes across Canada, than our very own class-act, Liberal bra-burning, boy next door.

Nova Scotia's beloved baby face may not have won all of your votes, but he wormed his way into the hearts of many a lonely senior, up and down the craggy coast. This month, Danny will be sprouting some peach fuzz and setting his nose hairs free – all in support of prostate cancer.

A "Mo Bro" starts Movember – or, November – with a face as smooth as a baby's ass and (in some cases) grows a nice, thick manly moustache all month long – all the while begging for votes, er, support from friends and family in the form of patronage, er, donations.

So come on people! This can't be easy for the do-gooder legal beagle who, at most, shaves quarterly when he files his HST. Plant a big, fat kiss on his other cheek by whipping out your big, fat non-partisan cheque book.

The prostate is about the size of a large walnut and needs routine probing, or it can be deadly – kind of like our current leader's brain. All it takes is one Liberal to step up, whip out his caucus, and make a difference in all of our lives.

This one's got my pat the ass.

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