Friday, November 13, 2009

Casual Friday the 13th.

This morning, I dropped the Barbie-sized hotel body lotion bottle and it sprayed all over the carpet and the bedskirt, and it was creamy white and it looked like I was having waaaaaay more fun than I actually was last night, and I didn't want the nice cleaning lady to think I was a slut, so I cleaned it all up, then went stalking businessmen in suits in Toronto's financial district, only it felt like I was at a Liberal convention in Havenot because there were no men in suits, only men in khakis and Wallabees, and it dawned on me that it was casual fucking Friday the 13th and I thought, this day sucks.

Then I won. I won Marketing's Creative Faceoff! No, really. It must have been a mercy win because my fellow finalists were all lovely, talented, young, smart people... did I say young?

And my speech, well, it was, I forget. But I'd like to thank you for voting.

Am I slurring?