Monday, March 9, 2009

When my ship comes in, please, please let it be this one.

I haven't won yet, but soon after you see me doing the lottery happy dance, I am buying a Canadian flag to stick on the back of this beautiful thing. Let's call her Pearl. Built in LL Bean country, Pearl is a Back Cove 37. A lobster boat that took a side trip down Rodeo Drive. A motor yacht. I won't bore you with all the engine details, but she sleeps 5, has a fridge and some attractive blue-and-white striped cushions, so what more could a girl ask for?

Imagine how sweet life could be if we all had our health, and a picnic boat like Pearl parked down in the Arm. We could load it with kids and cheap bubbly and Pringles and ride out waaaaaay past Peter Kelly's poop for an evening swim. The kids could fish. The adults could do whatever it is adults do. Even the dogs could come.

I like sailing, kind of. I like the idea of sailing better though. It's like horseback riding... the wind in your hair, the ultimate freedom – but the reality is the horse is a high-maintenance money pit that poops. Kind of like a sailboat. Plus I want to go where I want to go, NOT where the wind or Mr. Ed tells me I can go. I want to be in control. I want to be Skipper. I want a Back Cove 37.

Years ago, I attempted to buy a lovely, old yellow and white picnic boat, but the bank didn't think she was as "yar" as I did. I had visions of Jack and I all curled up under the stars in some cove, somewhere. It would be like owning a floating trailer. A portable cottage. A Moveable Feast. But back to reality, and Pearl.

In the winter, Pearl and I will head south, like any sensible Maritimer should. I'll visit her between hockey games and we'll be courteous and fly the American flag now that Mr. Bush is longer steering that ship. In the spring, Pearl will return to the Arm where she will become once again, our floating family room.

So if you have any RRSPs left, or if you've been saving and scraping for years and have a sizeable nest egg, I say, life is short! In the spirit of those who live for the moment, I say, call Jimmy Snair at Sunnybook Yachts (Toll-free 1-866-590-9210) and order up your own personal Pearl, or something that floats and sleeps 5.

Life is full of regrets. Buying your boy a boat shouldn't be one of them.