Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm not bitter, Cole Harbour is where I chose to spend March Break... really.

Okay so maybe I am a little bitter. I hate Cole Harbour. This morning, as many are waking up to tropical breezes, Manuel the pool boy, and the hum of the Marguerita machine, I am heading to the aptly named, Gray Arena. Happy March Break!

Heck, it won't be so bad. There are thousands of hockey parents across Canada standing in my homely, yet comfortable rink shoes – so I'll be in good company. We are all sacrificing something, because our kids love the game and we love our kids. RRSP's. Nice clothes. Trips south. None of that really matters if your kid grows up to be an asshole that won't pass the puck in any real-life situation. Hockey is teaching them "grace under pressure." Wish I had played.

This year, in between games, I am determined to find the harbour in Cole Harbour. So far I have only seen strip malls, strip joints, the football field, and the rink. Maybe this year, I'll also do a "drive-by". Not a shooting, although it is tempting some days. I want to drive by a particular suburban house where another set of hockey parents spent many a March Break bundling up and filling thermoses to avoid paying for rink hot chocolate.

You know the house. Sydney's house.

Today when I am feeling sorry for myself, I am going to think of all the hours and sacrifices made by Sydney Crosby's parents. (Not because I, for one minute, place my boy in that talent pool, so don't get me wrong.) I just wonder if Mrs. Crosby ever complained because Syd grew AGAIN, and "there goes the money to take the family to Orlando". If his Dad used to make Syd, "curl his toes" so he could make it through the end of the season without buying new skates. Or, if his little sister was dragged to the rink in her pyjamas because they couldn't afford a sitter. Probably. They are only human.

Do you think Mr. Crosby ever swore at the 16-year old ref making $15.00 a game? Or, if Mrs. Crobsy ever berated Syd for ruining her dryer, when they couldn't afford a new one? I doubt it. They seem like nice, decent people. After all, they gave the world their only boy for everyone to worship or to criticize, publicly. I bet some people (Ovechkin fans) even swear at Sydney. Good thing he's making more than $15 bucks an hour, because that could ruin a kid's self esteem.

This family from Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia gave us all a fine boy we can hold up as an example to our children. Nice guys do come first.

Maybe Cole Harbour's not such a bad place after all.

Photo of Crosby family