Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What you talkin' about? And other questions on a foggy morning.

Why was Gary Coleman at the Health Care bill signing party in Washington?

Why did Obama use 22 pens once he finally got around to signing the damn thing?

Why, all of a sudden, does Caroline Kennedy look exactly like Uncle Teddy? I'm thinking a bad St. Paddy's Day.

Why do women marry bad boys, then expect them to be faithful and drive mini vans – when their bad boy nature was what attracted them in the first place?

Why do I always forget I've eaten beets, then think I am dying the next day?

Why does Julien's bakery put that fucking irresistible, butter, chocolate, and rum-laced leftover mish mash of a Diplomat cake right at eye level? So rude.

How come an all-inclusive week in Cuba is cheaper than flying home to Toronto this weekend?

Why doesn't Tiger shut up and golf?

Why doesn't Ann Coulter just shut up?

The answer to these and other questions, like: Will I make the next cut on CBC's Canada Writes, even though I lean more toward dark than silly – and thank God it's radio because I didn't know I had to actually do stuff to win – will be answered once I get the Little Bastard on the plane to Newfoundland.