Sunday, January 17, 2010

Michaëlle can do Haiti. I'll slide over to Club Med Turks and Caicos.

The images pouring out of Haiti ice my agnostic cake, and cause me to ask, "What the fuck? Why pick on those people?

I want to help, but feel helpless. My chosen career path makes me feel rather useless at times. But I could lift concrete, dole out fresh water, soothe crying babies, and lift more concrete. I want to dig through the hellish rubble with high hopes, or no hope at all. I want to blow Harper's head off, for not cutting his all-inclusive holiday short – if for no other reason than to say, "Pack your bags MP's, we're going to Haiti".

Instead of helping, I am going to fashion a Haitian voodoo doll out of an old Buzz Lightyear and pretend it's Harper. Guess where the pins will go. Then, I am going to the park, hockey, and finally to Maritime Travel's Vacation Superstore. Not because I have two nickels to rub together because if I did, I'd go lift concrete – instead, I'll go to dream – of warm places, with white sandy beaches and sunshine.

Like Haiti.

Go to Hell, Harper. I hear they could use someone with your shoveling experience.

To give a hand to Haiti, click on the Red Cross Link over yonder.
The Vacation Superstore is on today 10 until 5 at the WTCC. Click on logo for $2 off admission.