Monday, June 1, 2009

You don't look a day over thirty six.

Damn you Marilyn. Of all people to share a birthday with, I of course, get stuck with you. 83 years old and still fascinating. I walk in a room next to you and I may as well be the dead one. Those lips. That voice. Those gravity-defying breasts. Ah, hell, had I been blessed in the looks department, I'd keep my kisser in that perpetual blowing motion too.  

We share this day, you and I. Well, you and me and thank god, Andy of Mayberry. Only, you probably never scarfed back birthday cake like Matlock and I plan to. Andy and I will be fighting over the big corner piece with all the roses while you sit there nibbling seductively on a maraschino cherry humming "Happy Birthday... Mr. President". Betcha JFK didn't get any sugar from his First Lady after that birthday surprise. But who needs the confectionery satisfaction of  a grocery store cake when you are drop-dead gorgeous. Perhaps a bad choice of words.

No, when you get right down to it, we're just a couple of flakey Geminis. Happy. Sad. Happy. Sad. Happy. Who in their right mind could keep up with that much unharnessed emotion? Marilyn, you may have actually out crazied me. You lost to sad. 

But, unlike me Marilyn, you epitomized sexy. You're still workin' it at 83. Vivacious even as a Norma, girlfriend, you oozed feminine charm like a festering boil and even smart men swooned like idiots. Presidents. Baseball greats. Playwrights. They didn't even notice you weren't a real blonde. Hell, they didn't care. Apparently you even dyed your pubic hair blonde, although I am sure when you got right down to it, no one would care if your drapes didn't match the carpet. Hell girl, you got more roses after you were dead than I have received in my lifetime. 

My dogs like to lick my legs when I get out of the shower. Mind you they also lick the toilet seat. Never mind. I can't compete.
You will always be young and beautiful, Marilyn. 

But today, I get to eat cake.