Monday, May 18, 2009

While he's there, maybe they can check for a pulse.

Horse feathers are finally flying on our dusty ol' campaign trail.  

'Seems Barney Rubble and the Friendly Giant have their Stanfields in a knot because Rodney got an invite to cut the cheese at the opening of the new Halifax Infirmary emergency. And they didn't.

It's about time. I was drifting off there for a while. This election beat has been so slow, the Horrid resorted to covering the opening of McNeil's lunch box. 

Smelled like bologna.    

I do see "Vote for Stupid" signs popping up like big, squeezable zits, all over the South End. Lots of big, ugly red ones. One stately household must be having a bit of a domestic dispute, with blue and red signs nestled among their highly-taxed tulips. Maybe I'll go talk to them.     

About Wednesday's party at the Emerge. I think Dexter's just mad because he wanted cake.    

But, hey... the good news is, with all the murders and gun slinging going on in HRM lately, maybe there'll be some real action at the ER opening ceremony. 

'Wonder how long they'll make everyone wait. For cake.