Wednesday, May 6, 2009

And they say clothes don't make the man.

It's amazing what a great photographer and a well-tailored suit can do for a man. Any man. 

We are weeks away from electing yet another monkey in a suit. Maybe the same monkey, same suit. The chosen will represent Nova Scotia across Canada, not just up in Pictou at the local cattle and bumbleberry pie auction. 

For the love of Anne Murray, could someone please get Stephen, Rodney, Darrell and even that Green newbie, into Duggers Menswear, and then maybe over to the House of Beauty for a nose hair trim.

Back in '03, I took it upon myself to transform a mild-mannered Cape Bretoner into a politician we could stick up there in Ottawa and make us all proud. Back then, the starry-eyed, do-gooder lawyer had a big brain, and a bigger vision, but a very limited wardrobe. This son of Friday fish & chip bastion StFX was cutting his own hair and didn't own a natural fibre tie without a stain on it.

Call in award-winning photographer James Ingram, a makeup person, a neighbour's tie, a professional haircut, a decent suit and voila! Ladies and Gentlemen of Nova Scotia, here, could have been, our next Prime Minister. 

Heck, he probably would have made it anyway, but if such makeover miracles can happen once, they can happen again. It's just smoke and mirrors baby, smoke and mirrors. 

Darrell, Rodney, Stephen, Ryan... call me. We have some work to do. 

Duggers is at 5476 Spring Garden
House of Beauty is at 2785 Windsor Street
Photographer James Ingram can be found in his studio or by emailing: