Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You gotta love a man who appreciates good wood.

There are a few things in life every girl needs: A good looking lawyer. A gay friend. And a doctor who'll write you a prescription for Ativan, because you're a nervous flyer (and a manic, menopausal, she-devil basketcase on land). 

I'd like to add a good looking, ecologically-conscious, commercial printer to my list.   

I've been soliciting business with Kirk Mock since I was a working girl at the corner of Hollis & Morris, way back in 1992. It was an advertising agency back then, but the address always made for speedy taxi arrival if working late.

Kirk is the President of family-owned Bromoc Print in Dartmouth. Aside from being a handsome hockey dad, and a good shit, Kirk gives really good service – sadly, in that boring non-sexual way. Old fashioned, deliver it to your door, and if it isn't done perfectly, we'll fix it-kind of service. 

And, if that isn't enough, Kirk's a tree hugger. No, not the sandals and socks, Birkenstock kind of tree hugger. The other kind. A "green" printer. No oxymoron intended.

Bromoc is the only printer in Atlantic Canada who can brand printed products with the FSC logo. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. Those tree hugging FSC watchdogs track wood from harvest to shipping of the final product, ensuring environmental accountability. FSC certification is the only internationally-recognized program of its kind, fostering improved forest management, waste reduction, and the rejection of excessive consumption and overproduction. By choosing to print with FSC-certified products you'll save forests, protect wildlife habitat, lose weight, and keep water clean. (Just seeing if you were awake.) 

By choosing Bromoc, you are showing support for a quality, small business and giving a damn about this planet. Plus, they can print everything from business cards, to second-time-around wedding invitations, to big, fancy annual reports.

Choosing to print "green" is easy, and no more expensive than regular printing. Plus, you get the little FSC-approved logo tattooed on your ass, so everyone will love you, even if you do idle in your gas-sucking SUV out front of the school, listening to Billy Bragg, chain smoking and popping Ativan like there was no tomorrow.

But there will be a tomorrow, and with any luck, it'll be sportin' wood.

Bromoc Print is at 46 Payzant Avenue in Dartmouth
For a quote, or FSC paper samples: email Kirk at: or phone: 902.481.2704