Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gee, that craigslist killer is kind of cute.

I was lying in bed this morning, thinking of all the things I needed to do today before heading to Toronto, and how a personal assistant would come in handy most days, and how I think Dottie has a poo ball stuck in her fur somewhere. I was also hoping something incredible happened in the world last night, like someone shot George Bush, so I'd have something to write about other than how I hate working out, or here I am heading into yet another bathing suit season looking like Kathleen Turner. If you haven't seen her lately, well, let's just say, she hasn't aged well.  

I did see a snippet of the news last night because it interrupted our favourite show "Chuck" for a few minutes. The big news was, they caught the craigslist killer in Boston. A handsome, 22-year old medical student who, on paper, seems like a mother's dream. There's even a link to his wedding site on the net. Seems he and his fiancée were planning the perfect summer wedding. They are registered at Macy's if anyone wants to buy the happy couple a nice, sterling silver file to bake into his jailhouse cake.

Things aren't always as they appear.     

Take for instance Susan Boyle. If you are one of the few people who hasn't seen her performance on Britian's Got Bad Teeth and Talent, it's worth a trip to youtube.com. Let's just say, poor Susan is butt ugly, but who the hell cares. The woman sings like a bird. If she wasn't ugly and awkward to start, her voice really wouldn't have been such a shock. How dare the ugly woman have a beautiful soul. I hope the fame doesn't ruin her real beauty, but having said that, taking a weed whacker to those eyebrows couldn't hurt.   

And the cute med student is a killer. Hmm.    

That got me thinking how I have always been attracted to outwardly "bad" people. By bad, I mean, oh so good. The kind of people who can't help blurting out a big belly laugh when they're not supposed to. Quiet, nice people make me suspicious. Like they have something to hide. 

Like a poo ball, stuck to their fur.

Which gets me back to all the important things I need to accomplish today. The Hound, as it is now called, has opened in Tantallon. These are the south end dog lovers, Bobbi and Anne who used to operate the House of Dogs on Quinpool. They've hung out a new shingle and are busy again in a nice, new rural location. Actually, they are in the same mall as Freddie's Fish & Chips, heralded as the best fish & chips on the South Shore. So while taking Dottie to the Bay for a bikini wax may seem like a big, fat waste of time. It isn't. 

It's just fat. 


If you, or your dog needs a day at the spa, call the girls at The Hound. Their new # is 826-1690.
Or, there are still tickets for the Sunday Spa do-gooding at the Red Tent, so if you have some poo in your fur that would be an excellent time to get it all out. For ticket info go to redtent.ca or click on their logo over there to the right.