Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Doug, if I call you at 10:30 Monday night, don't pick up. Okay, forget that, pick up.

I must be getting old, because I get tired and hungover just thinking about $5 martinis. 

If youngsters, Connie Zafaris and Sarah Langley want to drag my middle-aged ass out of the house at 8, on a Monday night – to chug martinis at Mezza – then they'd better be prepared to do the 5:20 am Tuesday morning rink run, and pay for all those vodka-induced, long distance booty calls I'll make to old boyfriends across North America.

I said I was old, not dead. 

Monday night's Arbonne Red Carpet Event is stacking up to be the kind of evening that starts off innocently enough. A coming together of women with a common goal – to get the hell out the house for some adult conversation and a few flirtatious encounters with Mr. Booze. Toss in friends, yummy (complimentary) Mezza appetizers, gorgeous Arbonne skin care products from Switzerland, and you've got something to talk about other than all the stupid things kids, co-workers, and men do, just to piss us off.    

Smart cookies, Connie and Sarah sound like they know how to throw a party and operate a skin care business. Choose a trendy restaurant on the Quinpool strip. Make a fuss, complete with paparazzi. Add a DJ, makeup demonstrations, and recession-priced "Lady in Red" martinis. They'll soon find out how long it's been since Mommy's had a night on the town.  

Which brings us to the red carpet. Thanks in advance girls, for making us feel special. A carpet we don't have to vacuum, get rug burn, or scrape dog shit off. Thanks for a great excuse to call up some gal pals and head out the door. Lord knows I could use a little lift, and a bulk purchase of Swiss-quality skin cream. That's quality stuff. I've been slapping Swiss chocolate on my ass for years now, and there's not a wrinkle in sight.       
Plus, admission is free. How sweet is that. Tuck a few fivers (and some old phone numbers) into your best push-up bra and go! 

The Arbonne Red Carpet Event is Monday April 2oth, 8 til midnight at Mezza.
Admission is free but RSVP or to let them know you are coming.
Thank you, as well, to their evening's sponsors: Mezza, Bishop's Cellar, Joanne David, and Coco Beach.