Friday, March 6, 2009

See how it drapes so nicely over my six pack.

Ring the cowbell! I have found the ultimate hockey Mom outfit... it's sexy, it's haute couture, and ONE SIZE FITS ALL! (Plus it's BOGO with a free book light if you act fast!)

Available in several colours, Bedford blue, Hawks red, and Chebucto green, the Snuggie boasts a hands-free (easier to eat those rink fries) design in washable acrylic fleece. Devonshire, here I come!

Honestly, if the Zamboni guy doesn't notice me now, I throw in the towel... hey.... there's an idea... a spring hockey Snuggie out of towel material! I'll be rich! I'll get a box at the Metro Centre and seasons tickets to the Mooseheads!!

Life is suddenly so good.