Thursday, March 5, 2009

Does this coffee table make my ass look fat?

You know those before and after makeovers you see in magazines – where women transform from a "last call" passport photo to Cindy Crawford with the flick of a makeup wand (and a ton of Photoshopping). In the housing market, that's called staging

Kathleen Heithorn-Althoff is the friendly genius behind Blossom Solutions in Halifax. A small-but-mighty stager with amazing taste, Kathleen can work that same magic with your home or investment property. Popular south of the border, staging has finally caught on in Halifax. Savvy realtors and home owners have realized the benefit of spending a few bucks up front, for a much greater return. Kathleen, a self-proclaimed neat freak, has never been busier, or happier. It seems clutter is recession proof. (Maybe you could flog all that "stuff" on kijiji?!)

So, how does it work? Once your budget is determined, Kathleen can swoop in and de-clutter a knick-knack infested living room, or kindly suggest the mallard duck wallpaper border has to go. Often it's as easy as renting some art, a fresh coat of paint in a modern, neutral colour, or letting go of the puke green wall-to-wall. Sometimes, it's moving the 64" screen TV (and the husband) out of the living room and into storage for a while.  

In addition to small miracles, Kathleen can also totally furnish a vacant or newly-constructed home or condo, complete with flowers and accesories. While temporary, many home buyers do end up falling in love and keeping the staged furnishings. No surprise... just take a look at the incredible "Before and After" photos of a Halifax condo. Makes me wonder if she could pull me out of this hockey mom, fashion frump slump I'm in. Katheen? 

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