Friday, March 20, 2009

The beauty of Halifax.

When I try to  imagine Halifax without the Midtown Tavern – in any shape or form – it makes me really sad. And as much as I love the Athens, I still pine for that big, neon cow's head that not only said, Hogie's, it said Halifax. And now, Peter Duffy is gone. What next? Duke the Studio Stallion from CBC Weekend Morning forced into prostitution, or worse – lipstick?!

Wednesday night, I took the boys to the Macs hockey game at another creaky old Halifax landmark, the Civic Arena. We pulled into the Forum first (the bigger rink for those who are lucky enough not to know) but the lights were dim, so we headed into the Civic with the rest of HRM. Having friends with kids on both teams, I was aiming for Switzerland but ended up in McCain country. When I asked Kirk Mock (father of Jordan #8 ) why the Forum was empty and everyone was jammed into the Civic, he just smiled and said, "Who cares?! This is more fun... better atmosphere!" He was so right. 

So here's the seque finally. Earlier in the day, less than a block from the Forum, I felt that same warm, fuzzy Halifax feeling, only it wasn't at the home of hockey, it was at House of Beauty. Jack and I discovered Beauty one day en route to hockey. His regular barber was inching into retirement in Italy, and Jack's hair was making me crazy. Driving down Windsor, I spotted House of Beauty and slammed on the brakes. One look at the faded posters of women with freshly permed hair and Jack's eyes welled up. "No", he pleaded. 

Sisters Selma Hanna and Naomi Haidar are celebrating forty years of business at the corner of Windsor and Almon. Celebrating is a bit of a stretch though – for the first time, their business is slow. The row of bubble hair dryers are silent, and aside from Jack, the chairs are empty. The sisters blame the economy and their aging clientele, plus, they cannot afford to advertise. "Hot damn!" I thought... please, please let my pitiful little daily rants help the Beauty sisters! After all, isn't this why I started this small business blog?!

So... if you want a trendy salon with lattes and Brazilian waxing, House of Beauty is not the place. If you want a haircut, or your bangs or nose hairs trimmed, with no appointment or fuss, pull up to 2785 Windsor Street. There, you will be offered a Quality Street candy. You can catch up with General Hospital, and thumb through Match to find out what Diana's Princes have been up to. And, you can have a great conversation, with two wise, delightful women. Yesterday, the conversation went from Michelle Obama, (good) to incontinence, (bad) to how Sobey's will no longer allow them to pin their salon flyer to the bulletin board. (The bastards.) 

House of Beauty is Halifax at its very finest; hard working, no frills, and friendly as all get out. Like the Midtown, with hair on the floor. Long story short: Jack wouldn't get his hair cut anywhere else now, so I hope for everyone's sake, the sisters are around for another forty years.

To celebrate forty springs, Selma and Naomi are having a special. Men can get a perfect haircut for 11 bucks (Regular $13) on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Kids under 12, $8!! Ladies, you can get a perm, cut and style for $55 (that's good I think?!). What's even better is you'll leave House of Beauty feeling all warm and Halifax fuzzy. 

And that, is beautiful.

The House of Beauty 455-2180