Monday, March 30, 2009

And then I waterskied around Prince Edward Island.

History, and divorce rates prove that during the mating ritual, a man will say just about anything to lure a woman back to his pizza-box encrusted cave. My all-time favourite 'pants-off-now' line was spoken by a woman – not a caveman – and it did not start with, "Is that a blow dryer in your pocket?"

Hot summer breezes, and gin and tonic, bring feelings to the surface that may have otherwise stayed put. One summer afternoon, I witnessed a courting dance between a gal pal from Ontario and the charming, Boy Next Door. I had flown my friend in to play Nanny during a particularly busy work week. She had never been to Nova Scotia and I was in a jam. It was perfect.

It didn't take long for the Boy Next Door to spot the Nanny. He was dashing and single. She was 6 feet of tanned legs and had teeth like Chicklets, well before everyone was Javex-ing their enamel off. Soon, the handsome Boy was taking Jack and the Nanny for car and boat rides, and inviting us all over for cocktails. It was pathetic, but fun to watch. 

One evening, I heard the Boy ask the Nanny if she had ever been to Nova Scotia before. She shot me a look that said, "Shut up Schultz or I will kill you", batted her eyelashes and replied, "Oh yes, I was here a few years ago, when I biked around the Cabot Trail."

I nearly spit out my G&T and had to remove myself from sight. She had never even been to Cape Breton and had NO idea what she was talking about. The Nanny was in so deep I couldn't save her. Amazingly enough, he fell for it, or pretended to, and I think she eventually had him massaging her road-weary hamstrings. Such is the road to love.  

The week ended, and so did the courtship. Jack projectile vomited all over the dashboard of the Boy's prized convertible, and the Nanny went home. 

I often think about that summer. Our beloved Boy Next Door died playing tennis. But biking the Cabot Trail with the Nanny and Jack is high on my list of things to do before I go down swinging.  

Laying down my loyal B&R gauntlet for a moment, I see Freewheeling Adventures, a local biking company, have a six-day, biking tour around the Nanny's fabled route. Their Cabot Trail adventure is real, begins and ends in Baddeck and has a guided cost of $2195. Not bad considering it includes 6 days, 5 nights, 5 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 4 dinners, luggage handling, plus the much needed, van & guide support. (No mention of ice cold G&T's, but maybe if you batted your eyelashes.) Van support on some of those highlands would be akin to life support and well-worth the price of admission.  

I called the Nanny last night and told her I was going down this particular memory lane. We had a good laugh, and I asked her where that Cabot Trail line of hers came from. She said, "I don't know. He was so cute, it just popped out". Indeed. 

Keep peddling.

The Freewheeling gang have been around since I was a guide. That's a long time. Since then, they have expanded their intineraries to places like Israel, Scotland and Slovakia. Good to see a local company going places!
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