Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Taking the blah (and the bowel movements) out of blog.

I got an email from an old friend this week, asking me to take a look at her new blog. Deb is a an interior decorator, a mom, and a university-educated journalist, but the mere thought of reading someone's blog left me wondering if it was too early in the day for a re-enactment of the Valley of the Dolls. Who the hell cares about someone else's kid's bowel movements, or how to freeze cookie dough? As for the more "save the whales"-type blogs, if I had the time, energy, or cash flow to do something about the plight of the Rohingya or the conflict in Gaza, I would. But I don't. 

These are tough times. As it stands now, I will be working 24 years after I am dead to pay for my retirement in a "let her sit in her own pee"-quality nursing home. But enough whining. 

Deb's blog actually inspired me. As the Creative Director of Broad, a small  advertising and design agency in Halifax, I am lucky enough to have a bunch of amazing clients with something to say; unique things to offer; or specialized services to make life easier – if not sweeter – even for a brief moment. What these women and men all have in common is the need to get their individual messages "out there".  Not fifteen minutes of fame, but daily, ongoing, affordable attention-grabbing recognition for what they do to make a living. This blog (for lack of a better word) is for them.

So, welcome to Halifax Broad. Expect to be entertained, informed, inspired, and quite possibly offended from time to time. Expect to hear about things I am passionate about; Travel. Raising kids that won't grow up and kill you in your sleep. Wine. Real Estate. Interior Design. Where to get stuff cheap. Books. Wine. (Did I say wine already?). Local restaurants. Day trips. Art. High hockey fashion. And, most important, expect to hear great news, offers and information from my clients. They are the wheels on this bus... I am merely the driver through which they channel (not at all like that like that Jennifer Love Hewitt character that sees dead people who should tell her to ease off on the eyeliner). 

So bear with me as I get this bus started and headed down the information highway. Ignore bad grammar and punctuation, because I am after all, only human. Please send me feedback, or let me know what gets you out of bed in the morning. And if you have a message, product or service you feel deserves attention, by all means, let's talk!

Thanks Deb.